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 Sunbeam Venezia Press Kit - Full set!








Sales Leaflet Front Italian  Download


Sales Leaflet Back Italian Download



Sales Leaflet Front German  Download


Sales Leaflet Back German Download


Sales Leaflet Front French  Download


Rootes Swiss Pricelist Download


Manual Sunbeam Venezia French  Download


Manual Sunbeam Venezia Italiano Download 


3190084 Moniteur Automobile 17-09-1992



3190092 AutoItalia 3-2010  Download


3190109 AutoWeek 8-2000


3190113 AutoMotorKlassiek 8-1988  Download


3190118 British Car 9-2001  Download


3190142 Classic & Sports Cars 6-2002  Download


 3190142 Practical Classics 11-2007  Download full article 


3190172 Autoretro 9-2010    Download full article 


3190084 Gentleman Driver 11-06-1991
Download full article


Road & Track Download full article


 Auto Italiana 19-9-1963    Download full article


3190189 Coches clásicos 1-2015   Download full article  


3190024 Automobili d'Epoca 2-2015   Download full article


 Small Car 4-1964  Download full article


 3190204 Article in Practical Classics Magazine June 2015  

Download full article



3190142  Article in Auto Italia December 2013



Sunbeam Journal 6-2017   Download 


3190103 Gazoline Fevrier 2013     Download   


Unknown Belgian magazine 1964     Download



1965 Vetrina di Grand Hotel - Moda e Motori




Salon Geneve 1965


Classic Car Weekly 17-11-1993  Download 


The Times 1963 - Selling to Europe Download


Unknown Italian magazine article Download


L'Auto-Journal   Download    


Presentation photos  Download    


Unknown Italian 2 Download


Sunbeam Venezia Meeting 3-2017  Download   


Unknown Italian Magazine  Download    


Various clippings   Download    


3190013 Klassiek en Techniek 2-2018   Download


Sunbeam Venezia featured (by coincidence) in Italian movie (Internet Movie Cars Database)


Sunbeam Venezia in 'Un caso di coscienza' (1970) - IMC database


Sunbeam Venezia in 'Un caso di coscienza' (1970) - IMC database


Sunbeam Venezia with roof rack in 'Agguato sul Bosforo', 1969


The same Sunbeam Venezia during movie recording Istanbul